It enables one to be proactive- to bring one's moods under the control of his long-term values and goals. It enables one to work on oneself, his psyche, his emotions, his expressions, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. It enables one to connect within oneself and also to stay inn sync with the environment. It enables one to correct his flaws and overcome his weaknesses. It disciplines the mind and creates a sense of well being. It produces its own climate within.

The advantage of "Being At It to Beat It" is that we have our character objectives before us continuously. The more we hold character objectives before us, the more they become part of our nature as character attributes. So the system reinforces the character ethic.

Be at it to beat it is more than more auto suggestion - it is the art of issuing value imperatives directly and continually to one's conscious mind. It acts as a bit in one's mouth and helps to control one of the most uncontrollable organs- the human tongue. It also acts as a rudder to guide action since it is a pegging system for any number of values. It acts as a spur to action - a motivator par excellence.

Most people go around with a blank mind or tabula rasa. Rescripting with 'Be At It to Beat It' puts the mind on two fixed tracks-affirming the positive and overcoming the negative, this helps in directing thought. Rescripting keeps energy loss at a minimal level due to environmental stresses and relational frictions. It is also an effective tool of stress management. Pearls should not be thrown before the swine but rather they should be collected and kept together as a string of pearls. Be at it to Beat it integrates all one's core values into a wholesome entity. The mind, the heart and the body are integrated.

Be At It to Beat it acts as a kind of internal dynamo generating power and energy to drive one on in the desired direction. The system creates synergy. The value imperative "Be strong, Beat weakness" reinforces one's sources of strength and undermines his weakness. A sheet anchor of values power us to greater individuals and collective attaintments. Equilibrium thinking does not rely on those rare and golden moments of truth for self discovery and realization ,but every moment is a bud-point for growth and discovery. It is a practical manifestation of kaizen or the Japanese concept of continuous and incremental improvements. The river of consciousness flows on, sometimes overflowing the banks. sometimes changing course. .

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Prateep V. Philip