To quote from Erich Fromm's book 'Man For  Himself' :

" Freedom and blessedness consist in man's understanding of himself and in this effort to become that which he potentially is, to approach nearer and nearer to the model of human nature".

Further he states " Virtue to Spinoza is identical with the use of man's powers and vice is his failure to use his power". Power is exercised through the use of commands. Normally commands are given to personae external to self but the power of the self is neglected due to lack of awareness of the array of  forces within the   individual. Mental disorder and character disorder  are often due to a mismanagement of these internal resources. Value imperatives give one the force to propel one on the chosen path as well as enables one to overcome the challenge posed by the negative.

"BE At It to Beat it" is a kind of soul pulse. The lungs fill itself with oxygen and then empty itself of carbon dioxide. the heart fills itself with blood and then empties itself out producing the throbbing in the veins that we call pulse, a sign and symptom of life. The EQ thinker will be able to feel his\her own inner pulse as he\she fills herself with positive valves and empties oneself of vices. Just as the lungs and heart nourishes every part of the body with these movements, EQ thinking will nourish the inner life. Abstract thinking becomes almost as sensate and one can feel life throbbing in the arteries and veins of the innermost being.

As Socrates said, "Knowing thyself is the essence of knowledge". Equilibrium thinking provides a functional checklist to analyze self. It will create a certain dispassionateness in acknowledging one's own error s and flaws. It will provide the ability to endure the limitations of one's material environment and also enable one to reconcile himself or herself  with the shortcomings in the character of people around.

To quote Henry David Thoreau:

                        " For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root".

Every time one gives the command to oneself to be and not to be, a seed is planted and a leaf of evil or a weed is uprooted. When this is repeated a thousand times, the root of penury in the human heart is cut. Edification and eradication takes place at the same time. EQ Thinking will provide the power to overcome generational vices like anger and aggression, and make the world a safer and better place to live in for ourselves and our kids.

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Prateep V. Philip