EQ Thinking is the concept coined by Dr. Prateep V. Philip I.P.S. DGP – CID as a key to re-engineer oneself!!
If you have an aim at something, eqthinking teaches you how to BE AT IT to BEAT IT!!

EQ thinking Binary Commands for various type of professionals:

Eqthinking for police officers:
Eqthinking for police officers would revolve around the binary commands: be calm, beat anger; be bold, beat fear; be strong, beat weakness; be positive, beat negativity; be gentle, beat harshness; be cool, beat tension; be determined, beat giving up; be wise, beat folly; be healthy, beat sickness; be joyful, beat sadness

Eqthinking for prisoners:
Eqthinking for prisoners would revolve around: be calm, beat stress, be calm, beat anger, be strong, beat weakness; be gentle,beat harshness; be joyful, beat depression

Eqthinking for the sick:
Eqthinking for the sick would revolve around: be healthy, beat sickness, be strong, beat weakness, be joyful, beat fear, be calm, beat anxiety

Eqthinking for soldiers:
Eqthinking for soldiers would revolve around the binary commands:
be brave, beat fear; be strong, beat weakness; be calm, beat tension; be disciplined, beat indiscipline; be healthy, beat sickness; be joyful, beat sadness, be wise, beat folly

Eqthinking for judges:
Eqthinking for judges would revolve aroound the binary command: be strong, beat weakness; be just, beat injustice; be truthful, beat falsehood; be wise, beat folly; be impartial, beat partiality, be positive, beat negativity, be calm, beat stress; be courageous, beat fear

UNIQUE significance of EQ Thinking

Eqthinking is a thought process:

Eqthinking is a thought process- the only one that is completely compatible with the way your cardiac system works. It will ensure far better cardiac health. If you truly care for your heart take care of the way your mind thinks.

Eqthinking for Young and active Mind:

Eqthinking keeps your mind from aging or decaying since it constantly and continuously renews your mind in accordance with the universal moral laws and values of the entire universe.

Eqthinking for extreme readiness:
When you constantly practice eqthinking, all your neurons keep firing and your brain is kept in extreme readiness to decide quickly and act or react effectively.

When I told Brian Tracy that the idea of Excenomics emerged from eqthinking as a way to integrate Economics, Management and Education, he said, “That is a great idea!”

Thought process to Eqthinking is a holistic:

The end result will be good or bad depending on whether the process is good or bad. Eqthinking is a holistic thought process and as you practice this process the end results will bound to be good.Much of our lives is populated by our weaknesses and failures. Why don’t we learn to own these and try to overcome it? Eqthinking teaches us to own, identify, learn from and overcome our weaknesses and failures. Eqthinking is simplicity on the other side of complexity that leads to mastery of self, thoughts, decisions, emotions, speech, actions and reactions.

Eqthinking is just such a Thought Process (TP):

Eqthinking is an all weather thought process. To drive a person to success one needs a thought process to boost esteem, confidence, motivation, persistence and perseverance. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To sustain one in failure and repeated failure, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To lead others, a team one needs a TP. Eqthinking meets that need. To plough through loneliness and desertion by others, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking serves that need. To relate to all kinds of people one needs a TP. Eqthinking equips us to deal with difficult people as well as all and sundry. One needs a TP to deal with both strengths and weaknesses. Eqthinking equally deals with both. One needs a TP to solve problems and face life’s challenges. Eqthinking enables us to be creative in our response to these challenges. One needs a thought process to deal with boredom, with normal times when nothing seems to be happening. Eqthinking meets such need too. One needs a TP to improve decision making. Eqthinking is just such a thought process. One needs a TP to tame or modulate our emotions and reactions. Eqthinking is a thought process that regulates emotions. One needs a TP that will strengthen will power or the ability to act. Eqthinking does just that. One needs a TP that develops attitudes over time. Eqthinking removes negative attitudes and enhances the positive ones. One needs a TP that is simple and yet comprehensive. Eqthinking is precisely simple and comprehensive. It is a round the clock or anytime thought process. It is compatible with the way the human body, mind and spirit are structured and work. In short, it is the key that has eluded psychologists, therapists, leaders, managers and teachers hitherto.

Just as the alternation of night and day, of summer and winter, of breathing in and breathing out, of the movement of the right leg and the left leg while walking, the expansion and contraction of the heart and lungs, so the human mind needs to alternate between reinforcing positive thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, decisions, actions and negating, reducing, overcoming, transforming negative thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, choices, actions, reactions and habits in order to attain, maintain and enhance mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual equilibrium.

Eqthinking is similar to body building:

Eqthinking is similar to body building: while building muscle and burning fat, the body improves in fitness levels. Similarly, by building positive thoughts, emotions, goals, habits, attitudes and getting rid of negative thoughts, emotions, goals, habits, attitudes,  person’s overall mental, emotional and psychological health would improve manifold.

EQ thinking improves all states of being:

We have different states of being: the be state, the do state, the listen state, the speak state, the think state, the relate state, the react state and the have state. Eqthinking makes improvements in all these states.

Eqthinking enables us:


To simultaneously lock our negative passions and unlock our positive passions,

To lock our negative motivation and unlock our positive motivation,

To lock our negative emotions and unlock our positive emotions,

To lock our negative thoughts and unlock our positive thoughts,

To lock our negative knowledge and unlock our positive knowledge,

To lock our negative experiences and unlock our positive experiences,

To lock our negative expression and unlock our positive expression,

To lock our negative memories and unlock our positive memories,

To lock our negative imagination and unlock our positive imagination,

To lock our negative habits and unlock our positive habits,

To lock our negative potential and unlock our positive potential.

Eqthinking is software for the human mind:

Eqthinking is software for the human mind that can be taught to every human being. It will help every human be more balanced, more productive, more healthy, more positive, stronger, more successful and more happy.

Eqthinking is better than Positive Thinking:

Recent research in the University of Bath, LSE and Cardiff says that due to positive thinking or optimism, more entrepreneurs and business persons experience failure. The research found that while optimism gives people the confidence and determination to start and stick with ideas or projects, it results in more failure than experienced by those who are pessimistic. The pessimists tend to be more successful as they factor in and counter the risks or threats effectively and in a timely way. Positive thinking based on “The Secret” kind of philosophy is delusionary while eqthinking is visionary yet real and balanced. What the world needs is eqthinking or equilibrium thinking that increases the chances of success as it factors in both strengths and weaknesses, favorable and adverse factors, opportunities and risks. One needs a balance of judgment, balance of emotions, balance of reason to offset what is not reality and yet is possible. Eqthinking is the world’s first thought process that promotes neither optimism nor pessimism but is based on balance or equilibrium and realism.


Eqthinking is positive reinforcement:

Eqthinking enables us to leverage not just on our strengths but on our weaknesses too for our weaknesses once recognized and addressed are potential strengths.

When we think long enough on the pattern of “be at it: beat it” or positive reinforcement: negation of negatives -the human brain re- maps itself on this pattern and throws up creative solutions to simultaneously use strengths creatively and optimally and handle weaknesses proactively . As a result , our minds and lives and relationships will be in equilibrium

Eqthinking decodes the language of the human heart:

Eqthinking decodes the language of the human heart : the rhythmic beat : in and out , expand and contract , push and pull movements of the human heart translates into the binary language : “ be at it: beat it” (c) 

Eqthinking for Anger Management:

If anger is your issue then your default binary pattern using the above code is – be angry : beat calmness. Since the binary pattern of “be angry, beat calmness” is deeply ingrained with years and years of practice or conditioning or programming, it has to be first recognized or diagnosed, then addressed by initially conscious repetition followed by unconscious reinforcement. Subsequently, it becomes the default binary program running in one‘s mind affecting positively thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions , reactions. (c)

These binary patterns are not stand alone but influence and impact other patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviour. For the default binary pattern of “be angry, beat calmness” leads to a binary state of “ be sad, beat joy, “ which in turn when maintained over a long time leads to “ be depressed, beat health”, “ be reactive, beat creativity, “ “ be unsuccessful, beat success”. Eqthinking stops these downward patterns in its tracks and reverses it as soon as possible to the default healthy mode of “ be calm, beat anger.”

The concept of the complementary opposite


In logic and thought process, it is assumed that contradictions are indications of inconsistency or non sustainability. But, complex management requires sustainable systems to invariably incorporate the complementary opposite. For example, breathing in and breathing out are complementary opposites. Likewise in complex management, a leader needs to be kind while at the same time firm, gentle as well as assertive, bold as well as meek. Equilibrium thinking or eqthinking is based on this concept of building complementary opposites.


Imagine the human brain as a switchboard with hundreds of on/off switches. Eqthinking will help the human find the right switch to on at the right time and also switch off the wrong ones. When one commands his being to obey the binary command, “be calm, beat anger” – access to the power of calmness is switched on and anger is switched off. It will take only about 2 seconds to flip our emotional switches. In short, this is the simplest, fastest method of gaining self control and self mastery, to effect self development.

Eqthinking helps us to decode our behaviour, thoughts, ideas, words, decisions, habits , emotions, relationships in accordance with a binary code and enables you to decide to change it if is weak, negative or harmful. If it is in the binary mode of “be negative, beat positivity”, once we are made aware of it , it can be instantly flipped to “be positive, beat negativity”.

Equilibrium Psychology founded by me gives you the ability to handle your strengths creatively and your weaknesses proactively. Neither positive nor negative psychology can accomplish this.

Dr Prateep V Philip

Both success and failure can be either a stumbling stone or a stepping stone : which one it becomes depends on our choice.
A fillipism(c) 3149

Eqthinking helps people make the choice to turn both success and failure, strengths and weaknesses into stepping stones

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