When you constantly practice eqthinking, all your neurons keep firing and your brain is kept in extreme readiness to decide quickly and act or react effectively.

A Revolution - EQThinking

Equilibrium Thinking(c) is not only good for enhancing constitutional equilibrium or our holistic health but it enhances productivity, creativity, balanced decision making while it reduces stress, anger and all other human negativeness. It is mind ware based on changing our inner conditioning using a binary programming language. 


A group of 100 sales personnel given a two hour input on eqthinking by me in LIBA in December 2001 led to their quantum of sales improving by nearly 800 percent. All of them did well not only for the organisation they were working for namely Karvy but moved on to excel themselves in their professional fields as they developed a vision for themselves. Eqthinking if taught to all Indians will make us an “inno-nation”. Non-economic factors like mind set training has a far greater impact on economic development than purely economic factors – a premise of new global discipline innovated by me Excenomics. 

Eqthinking enables us:

  • To simultaneously lock our negative passions and unlock our positive passions,
  • To lock our negative motivation and unlock our positive motivation,
  • To lock our negative emotions and unlock our positive emotions,
  • To lock our negative thoughts and unlock our positive thoughts,
  • To lock our negative knowledge and unlock our positive knowledge,
  • To lock our negative experiences and unlock our positive experiences,
  • To lock our negative expression and unlock our positive expression,
  • To lock our negative memories and unlock our positive memories,
  • To lock our negative imagination and unlock our positive imagination,
  • To lock our negative habits and unlock our positive habits,
  • To lock our negative potential and unlock our positive potential.


“EQ Thinking is excellent” – Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

When I gave the audio DVD of eqthinking to the late Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, he enthusiastically said, ” I will hear it now.” He heard it and said, “This is excellent as for success in life there should be a rhythm and in your concept I find that rhythm. It is rhythmic thinking.”


Eqthinking is just such a Thought process (TP):

Eqthinking is an all weather thought process. To drive a person to success one needs a thought process to boost esteem, confidence, motivation, persistence and perseverance. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To sustain one in failure and repeated failure, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking is just such a TP. To lead others, a team one needs a TP. Eqthinking meets that need. To plough through loneliness and desertion by others, one needs a thought process. Eqthinking serves that need. To relate to all kinds of people one needs a TP. 

Eqthinking equips us to deal with difficult people as well as all and sundry. One needs a TP to deal with both strengths and weaknesses. Eqthinking equally deals with both. One needs a TP to solve problems and face life’s challenges. Eqthinking enables us to be creative in our response to these challenges. One needs a thought process to deal with boredom, with normal times when nothing seems to be happening. Eqthinking meets such need too. One needs a TP to improve decision making. Eqthinking is just such a thought process. One needs a TP to tame or modulate our emotions and reactions. Eqthinking is a thought process that regulates emotions. One needs a TP that will strengthen will power or the ability to act. Eqthinking does just that. One needs a TP that develops attitudes over time. Eqthinking removes negative attitudes and enhances the positive ones. One needs a TP that is simple and yet comprehensive. Eqthinking is precisely simple and comprehensive. It is a round the clock or anytime thought process. It is compatible with the way the human body, mind and spirit are structured and work. In short, it is the key that has eluded psychologists, therapists, leaders, managers and teachers hitherto.

Just as the alternation of night and day, of summer and winter, of breathing in and breathing out, of the movement of the right leg and the left leg while walking, the expansion and contraction of the heart and lungs, so the human mind needs to alternate between reinforcing positive thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, decisions, actions and negating, reducing, overcoming, transforming negative thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, choices, actions, reactions and habits in order to attain, maintain and enhance mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual equilibrium.’

Eqthinking changes the life’s pattern

Change does not happen in one element or aspect of life, it happens in the proportion of two opposite elements. It happens in the patterns in which our minds, our relationships, our work and our live are organized. There is no such thing as paradigm shift but there is such a thing as pattern change.

Celebrity Endorsements

"EQThinking is an innovative way to enhance emotional intelligence"
K R Narayanan
Former President of India
"I give my highest recommendation to Equilibrium Thinking - a globally congruent way of imparting excellence."
Sue Knight
Author of NLP at Work and Consultant
"Equilibrium Thinking is a winner of a program that produces winners."
Alexander Cherian
Former Vice-President, Karvy

Eqthinking for extreme readiness

When you constantly practice eqthinking, all your neurons keep firing and your brain is kept in extreme readiness to decide quickly and act or react effectively.
When I told Brian Tracy that the idea of Excenomics emerged from eqthinking as a way to integrate Economics, Management and Education, he said, "That is a great idea!"
– Dr. Prateep V Philip

Strengths and weaknesses do not occur separately or in isolation of each other. Positive and negative thoughts, emotions and reactions occur at the same time: both positive and negative need to be simultaneously or concurrently addressed. Hence, neither positive nor negative psychology are effective or true. Hence, Equilibrium Psychology founded by me is the answer. (c)

Imagine the human brain as a switchboard with hundreds of on/off switches. Eqthinking will help the human find the right switch to on at the right time and also switch off the wrong ones. When one commands his being to obey the binary command, “be calm, beat anger” – access to the power of calmness is switched on and anger is switched off. It will take only about 2 seconds to flip our emotional switches. In short, this is the simplest, fastest method of gaining self control and self mastery, to effect self development. Eqthinking helps us to decode our behaviour, thoughts, ideas, words, decisions, habits , emotions, relationships in accordance with a binary code and enables you to decide to change it if is weak, negative or harmful. If it is in the binary mode of “be negative, beat positivity”, once we are made aware of it , it can be instantly flipped to “be positive, beat negativity”.

Equilibrium Psychology founded by me gives you the ability to handle your strengths creatively and your weaknesses proactively. Neither positive nor negative psychology can accomplish this.


– Dr Prateep V Philip

Both success and failure can be either a stumbling stone or a stepping stone : which one it becomes depends on our choice.

- A fillipism(c) 3149

Eqthinking helps people make the choice to turn both success and failure, strengths and weaknesses into stepping stones.